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As one of Connecticut's fastest growing communities, Shelton continues to attract new business development at lightening speed. The balance between business and residential development has given the City a stable and predictable tax rate, which is vital to the continuation of growth in the community. It is not surprising that hundreds of new businesses have been drawn to Shelton over the last several years. This pattern of growth shows no sign of breaking and will enable the City to maintain its low, stable tax rate well into the future.
     Over the past 10 years, 800 new businesses and companies have relocated to Shelton and added over 7,400 new jobs. In addition, the office vacancy rate has decreased from 28.2% to 3.4%.
     Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland said to a gathering of state and local officials, "Shelton is second to none when it comes to corporate office development."
     Shelton was recently featured in CT Business Magazine. "Riding the Wave, an Economic Profile" described Shelton as "the unofficial" Silicon Valley of Connecticut.
     The following is a partial list of some of the more prominent companies that have a major presence in Shelton with corporate headquarters, research and development and manufacturing:

Allstate Insurance
Allstate Tractor Training
American Skandia Life Assurance Corp.
Auto Swage Products, Inc.
Ascom Hasler Mailing Systems, Inc.
Baldwin Graphics Products
Boston Mutual
CAPS, Inc.
C.R. Gibson
California Closets
Carter, William Co.
Cartier, Inc.
Comp-U-Fund Mortgage
Country Home Bakers
Crookhorn Davis Co.
Data Switch Corporation
EDO Corporation
Emhart Fasteners
Firing Circuits, Inc.
Flexi International Software, Inc.
General Electric, Inc.
Hartford Insurance
Health Net of the Northeast, Inc.
Inline Plastics
Jack Welch Consulting
Landstar Systems
Nationwide Insurance
Nielson Media Research
PerkinElmer, Inc.
Pitney Bowes, Inc.
Rhone Poulenc Base Chemicals Co.
Robert Half Associates
SAI Systems International, Inc.
Scinto, R.D., Inc.
Severn Trent Lab
Shaw Mudge & Co.
Sikorsky A/C
Stratis Business Centers
Swiss Army Brands, Inc.
Tetley USA, Inc.
Timex Corportaion
TranSwitch, Inc.
W.E. Bassett Co.
Wiffle Ball, Inc.
Wisvest (Electric Power Products)

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